Forecasting Finlandization: How will Xi’s China seek to revise East Asia’s regional order?

Our department’s EUVIP Postdoctoral Fellow, Friso Stevens, will give a presentation (online) next Tuesday, June 20, at 4 pm Helsinki time on contemporary Chinese foreign policy.

In the presentation, he draws on China’s particular socio-historical, ideational, and political sources to analyze how Xi Jinping’s “Community of Common Destiny” and “Thought on Diplomacy” are designed to revise the existing US-led liberal order in East Asia.

The paper presentation consists of three parts:

> What will China’s particular rise look like?

> Which ideas will inform China’s rise?

> How will the China-US transition unfold in practice?

University of Helsinki’s Julie Yu-Wen Chen (chair), Xiaoyu Pu (University of Nevada, discussant) & Andrew Chubb (University of Lancaster, discussant) will join the panel discussion.

Zoom Link: