Global Green New Deal: The Case of China


Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science will host the following webinar on 30 June at 16:15 Helsinki time.


When?  30.6.2021 at 16:15 Helsinki (check the time zone)

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The Global Green New Deal (Global GND) literature has largely viewed finance and technology transfers as the most effective solution to address the imbalance between the Global North and Global South. Yet the internal socioeconomic structures within countries in the Global South and the likely barriers they could create for the transition towards a green economy are largely under-analyzed.

This presentation highlights that, without addressing the structural issues such as informality that are prevalent in the Global South, the potential benefits of a Global GND are less likely to be fully realized on a global scale. The discussion will mainly draw on the example of China, the country that assumes the seemingly contradictory role of the largest investor of renewable energy and the largest carbon emitter at the same time. Finally, the presentation calls for a more organic integration of a Global South perspective in the studies of a Global GND.


Ying Chen  is Assistant Professor of Economics at the New School and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her work mainly explores the contradictions within capitalism and how they unfold across time and space. Topics she has studied include economic development, labor, and climate change, with a special focus on the global south. She has published in journals including Environment and Development Economics, Economics and Labor Relations Review, Journal of Labor and Society, Review of Radical Political Economics, and the International Review of Applied Economics.

Organizer and contact person:

Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Global Development Studies, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki, Finland

Relevant recording: Keynote speech by Professor Mette Halskov Hansen (University of Oslo) on “Ecological Civilization: Chinese Dream or Global Strategy?” in our recent China’s Rise/Asia’s Responses conference.