New Book: China’s Global Aspirations and Confucianism

Anja Lahtinen, Associate Professor at the University of Helsinki just published a new book “China’s Global Aspirations and Confucianism”. The book deals with China’s global aspirations, which rise from its economic power, history, tradition, ideology, and culture. Confucianism guided the emperors in their mandate of heaven over two thousand years. Today government-driven Confucianism as a country’s soft power is embedded to advance China’s aspirations for global power. The methodology in this book is historical and cultural narrative to gain a more profound understanding of China—how China thinks and acts.

More information of the book can be found here.


Julie Yu-Wen Chen and Wasiq Silan recently talked about the complexity and diversity of Taiwanese identities in a webinar organized by the Institute for Security and Development Policy in Sweden. You may find the recording here.