Recent Publications

Selected publications by UH Chinese Studies team members

Chen, Yu-Wen; Günther, Olaf (2020) Back to Normalization or Conflict with China in Greater Central Asia? Evidence from Local Students’ Perceptions. Problems of Post-Communism (forthcoming).

Ristivojevic, D. (2019) 性别, 媒体与晚清中国在现代世界秩序中的重新定位 [Gender, Media and Re/positioning of Late-Qing China in the Modern World Order]. In 全球史评论  (1 ed., Vol. 16, pp. 23-44). 北京市: 中国社会科学出版社

Chen, Yu-Wen; Hao, Yu-Fan (2019) Czech Perception of the Rise of China: A Survey among University Students. Asia Europe Journal (forthcoming).

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Huang, Paulos (2018) Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2018. Leiden: Brill.

Hodzi, Obert (2018) Empty bravado or hopeful illusions’: rising democratic powers and reordering of the international system. International Politics (forthcoming)

Hodzi, Obert (2018) Delegitimization and ‘re-socialization’: China and the diffusion of alternative norms in Africa. International Studies.

Mattlin, Mikael (2018) Adapting the DIPLOMACY board game concept for 21st Century International Relations Teaching. Simulation & Gaming 49(6): 735-750.

Hodzi, Obert (2018) The End of China’s Non-Intervention Policy in Africa. Palgrave Mcmillan.

Mattlin, Mikael; Gaens, Bart (2018) Development lending as financial statecraft? A comparative exploration of the practices of China and Japan. In Wigell, Mikael, Sören Scholvin and Mika Aaltola (eds), Geo-economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century: The Revival of Economic Statecraft. London: Routledge, 145-163.

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Hodzi, Obert; Chen, Yu-Wen (2018) Following the Flow: China’s Approach to Global Leadership. China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies 4(1): 1-21.

Mattlin, Mikael (2017) China as a Leading Economic Power: Could China Stabilise the Global Economic System in Times of Crisis? FIIA Working Paper 97. Helsinki: The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, 1-26.

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Burkhanov, Aziz; Chen, Yu-Wen (2016) Kazakh Perspective on China, Chinese and Chinese MigrationEthnic and Racial Studies.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Günther, Olaf (2016) China’s Influence in Uzbekistan: Model Neighbor or Indifferent Partner? China Brief 16 (17): 11-14.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Duggan, Niall (2016) Soft Power and Tourism: A Study of Chinese Outbound Tourism to Africa. Journal of China and International Relations 4 (1): 45-66.

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