Workshop on Turning Asia into Maps

Venue: Unioninkatu 38 A, Room A 109 (also known as the Russian Room) at the University of Helsinki

Time: March 9, 10:00 to 12:30

This workshop offers Asian Studies students the opportunity to understand how to draw maps of Asia and use them in their presentations, research essay and thesis. It is a technical workshop that begins with an introduction of a cloud mapping platform: ArcGIS Online, which students in natural science and some social sciences disciplines are more familiar with than students in Asian Studies. The trainer is Joey Lee, who is a master student majoring in Geographic Information System (GIS) in San Diego State University and at the same time the campus ambassador of ESRI, an international firm that supplies GIS software and database management applications.

REGISTRATION IS NECESSARY: If you are interested in taking part in this technical workshop, please email Prof. Julie Yu-Wen Chen at julie.chen at before March 5.

During the workshop, you need to bring your own laptop and login to UH’s wireless Network so that you can draw maps with the trainer online. If you have any specific interest in drawing maps of any particular geographic region(s), please also email Prof. Julie Chen your needs when you register for the event.