Symposium Venue

Small Hall (Pieni Juhlasali), Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33, 4th Floor, University of Helsinki


Friday 9 December

08.45 Registration and Coffee

09.30 Welcoming address
Dean Patrik Scheinin, University of Helsinki

09.40 Creating Best Competence for the World Together
Permanent Secretary, Anita Lehikoinen, Ministry of Education and Culture

10.00 Music
Sibelius Lukio Choir

10.10 Perspectives of Engagement and Well-Being from a Researcher’s Viewpoint
Professor Hannele Niemi, University of Helsinki

10.30 MOLES – Massive Online Learning Experiences
Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford University

10.50 Break

11.10 Effects of Everyday Multitasking and Computer Gaming on Attention and Brain Activity
Professor Kimmo Alho, University of Helsinki

11.30 Professor Marcus Specht, Open University of the Netherlands

11.50 Towards Engagement and Well-being in Learning and Education
Director General Aulis Pitkälä, Finnish National Board of Education

12.10 Students’ Engagement
Innokas Coordinator, Ms. Minna Kukkonen Innokas Network/City of Espoo and Ms. Essi Keisala, Vanttila School/City of Espoo

12.20 Lunch (at your own expense)

13.40 Do International Comparative Studies Benefit Learning
Professor Jouni Välijärvi, University of Jyväskylä

14.00 CICERO SIG: Evaluating Cognitive and Affective Outcomes of Game-Based Math Assessment
Academy Research Fellow Kristian Kiili, Tampere University of Technology

14.15 CICERO SIG: Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics in Digital Learning
Senior University Lecturer Ari Korhonen, Aalto University

14.30 CICERO SIG: Brain Research Helps Bring Engagement into Learning
Docent Minna Huotilainen, University of Helsinki

14.45 Coffee Break

15.10 Music
Music education students’ ensemble and University lecturer Ari Poutiainen

15.20 Video Lecture
Dr. Ann Lieberman, Stanford University

15.30 Student Created Videos: from Social Media to Social Learning!
Professor Jari Multisilta, University Consortium of Pori

15.40 How Engagement Corresponds to Well-Being in Simulation-based Healthcare Education? (Video Lecture)
Professor Heli Ruokamo, University of Lapland

15.50 New Objectives of Finnish Teacher Education: “Teachers Should Be Futureoriented
and Able to Create New Pedagogical Innovations”
Professor Jari Lavonen, University of Helsinki

16.10 Music
Ms. Marja Suua and Professor Heikki Ruismäki

16.20 Thank You, Hannele
Rector Jukka Kola, University of Helsinki

16.30 Closing Remarks
Research Director Mari Tervaniemi, University of Helsinki

17.00 – 19.00 The Rector’s Reception (at Lehtisali)
Hosted by Dean Patrik Scheinin, University of Helsinki