Doc. Benjamin Cowley recently organised and hosted the brAIn seminar 1 on mind, brain, and AI. Contributors from around Helsinki shared their views and current work, including:

  • Prof Lauri Parkkonen
  • Marijn  van Vliet
  • Academy Research Fellow Tukka Ruotsalo
  • Jussi Jokinen
  • Docent Otto Lappi
  • Prof Antti Oulasvirta

brAIn seminar 1 was supported by Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence, FCAI. View all the speakers at FCAI’s youtube playlist, from the link below:

Cognitive Science student’s group Intelligenzia hosts an annual public event, MITÄ KUM­MAA ON KOG­NI­TIO­TIE­DE? (What the heck is Cognitive Science?)