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Call for papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems (JIIS) on “Personalization and Mass Customization”

Agenda – Thursday, September 10th

09:30: Registration and coffee/cakes
(See Local registration instructions on the Venue page)

10:45: Opening

  • Welcome note: Harald Loos, Siemens Corporate Technology, Head of Region CEE
  • Some organizational information: Andreas Falkner

11:00: Technical session 1: Strategy (chair: Cipriano Forza)

  • Market-oriented variant management (position paper)
    Thorsten Krebs,Christoph Ranze (slides)
  • An empirical study on product configurators’ application: implications, challenges, and opportunities
    Linda Zhang, Petri Helo (slides)
  • Quantification of impact from product configuration
    Anna Myrodia, Katrin Kristjansdottir, Lars Hvam (slides)

12:30: Lunch break

13:30: Technical session 2: Long-term management (chair: Lars Hvam)

  • On breaking the curse of dimensionality in reverse engineering feature models (short paper) (slides)
    Jean-Marc Davril, Mathieu Acher, Guillaume Bécan, Patrick Heymans
  • Customer buying behaviour analysis in mass customization
    Tilak Raj Singh, Narayan Rangaraj (slides)
  • Intelligent techniques for the maintenance of constraint-based systems (slides)
    Florian Reinfrank, Gerald Ninaus, Franz Wotawa, Alexander Felfernig
  • Maintaining constraint-based systems: challenges ahead (slides1 slides2)
    Florian Reinfrank, Gerald Ninaus, Franz Wotawa, Alexander Felfernig

15:30: Coffee break

16:00: Technical session 3: Collaboration (chair: Alois Haselböck)

  • Coupling two constraint-based systems into an on-line facade-layout configurator (slides)
    Andrés Felipe Barco Santa, Elise Vareilles, Paul Gaborit, Jean-Guillaume Fages, Michel Aldanondo
  • Solving combined configuration problems: a heuristic approach (slides)
    Martin Gebser, Anna Ryabokon, Gottfried Schenner
  • Towards a benchmark for configuration and planning optimization problems (slides)
    Luis Garces, Paul Pitiot, Michel Aldanondo, Elise Vareilles

17:30: Organizational topics

  • Next workshop
  • Product configuration problem collection

18:30: End

19:00: Dinner (included in fee)


Agenda – Friday, September 11th

09:00: Coffee break (in front of room 62.01.048), in parallel
09:00: optional “Green building” excursion (in German, meeting point at coffee break)
09:45: optional “Green building” excursion (in English, meeting point at coffee break)

10:30: Technical session 4 : Solving (chair: Alexander Felfernig)

  • Different solving strategies on PBO problems from automotive industry (slides)
    Thore Kübart, Rouven Walter, Wolfgang Küchlin
  • A heuristic, replay-based approach for reconfiguration (slides)
    Alois Haselböck, Gottfried Schenner
  • Column oriented compilation of variant tables (slides)
    Albert Haag
  • Arc consistency with negative variant tables (slides)
    Albert Haag

12:30: Lunch break

13:30: Technical session 5: Diagnosis (chair: Albert Haag)

  • Inverse QuickXplain vs. MaxSAT – a comparison in theory and practice (slides)
    Rouven Walter, Alexander Felfernig, Wolfgang Küchlin
  • FlexDiag: AnyTime diagnosis for reconfiguration (slides)
    Alexander Felfernig, Rouven Walter, Stefan Reiterer
  • Learning games for configuration and diagnosis tasks (slides)
    Alexander Felfernig, Michael Jeran, Thorsten Ruprechter, Alexander Ziller, Stefan Reiterer, Martin Stettinger
  • Support for the social dimension of shopping through web-based sales configurators (slides)
    Chiara Grosso, Cipriano Forza, Alessio Trentin

15:30: Coffee break

16:00: Technical session 6: Analytics (chair: Michel Aldanondo)

  • A goal-question-metrics model for configuration knowledge bases (slides)
    Florian Reinfrank, Gerald Ninaus, Bernhard Peischl, Franz Wotawa
  • Formal analysis of the Linux kernel configuration with SAT solving (slides)
    Martin Walch, Rouven Walter, Wolfgang Küchlin
  • How to analyze and quantify similarities between configured Engineer-To-Order products by comparing the highlighted features utilizing the configuration system abilities (slides)
    Sara Shafiee, Lars Hvam, Katrin Kristjansdottir

17:30 : Best paper award

17:45: End

19:00: optional Dinner (not included in fee)