Objectives of the Action

The main objectives of the Action are to develop environmentally sound and cost-effective biotechnical tools and their application technologies for the production of fibres, chemicals and bioenergy. An additional goal of the Action is to strengthen the scientific excellence and to disseminate the latest achievements in the area to European scientists, industry and other share holders. Furthermore, the Action aims at stimulating new interdisciplinary scientific networks in Europe.

The specific objectives of this COST Action are the following:

  • to increase basic knowledge on the mode of action of hydrolytic and non-hydrolytic enzymes in lignocellulosic matrices by combining analytical excellence of European institutes
  • to improve the performance of cell factories (such as yeast) for the production of chosen energy carriers (such as ethanol) or chemicals
  • to develop novel bioprocesses to improve the functionality and quality of fibre products, to facilitate processing and to save energy at different manufacturing stages
  • to develop novel fractionation and hydrolysis processes based on combined thermochemical and enzymatic processes
  • to develop novel enzymatic processing for upgrading the components of lignocellulosic raw materials; cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin
  • to develop novel conversion processes for the production of chemicals and fuels and to evaluate various biorefinery concepts