3.2.2016 Yaoyue HU, Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research “Change of socioeconomic inequalities in health outcomes with increasing age: cumulative dis/advantage or age-as-leveller?”

26.1.2016 Chihiro IWAYA, Kyushu University “Investigation of aging-related biomarkers: Epidemiological study using Fukuoka cohort”

26.11.2015 Olof ÖSTERGREN, CHESS “The contribution of smoking- and alcohol-related mortality to educational differences in longevity among Swedish men and women, 1991-2008”

17.11.2015 Dermot O’REILLY, Queen’s University Belfast “The mortality risk associated with caregiving and volunteering: an example of record linkage based research in Northern Ireland”

21.8.2015 CPHS-seminar at Lonna

23.1.2015 Patrick DEBOOSERE, Vrije Universiteit Brussel “Population ageing and the welfare state”

19.1.2015 Piet BRACKE, Ghent University “Comparative mental health research: liberating the control variables”

4.9.2014 Ann HERM, Tallinn University, “Living arrangement combined with marital status as improved predictor for survival of elderly in Belgium at the down of 21st century” and Michel POULAIN, Tallinn University andf Université catholique de Louvain “Which socio-demographic living arrangement helps to reach 100?”

2.6.2014 CPHS-seminar at Suomenlinna

22.1.2014 Jenny TORSSANDER, Stockholm University “Adult children’s resources and parents’ survival – What do we know and what do we need to find out?”

10-11.9.2013 CPHS-seminar at Mustio

16.5.2013 Neil MEHTA, Emory University “Overweight and Obesity Histories as Predictors of Mortality: Results from the U.S. and Finland”

2.5.2013 Ronald KNIBBE, Maastricht University ”Mobilizing formal and informal control of young adolescents drinking: a field experiment”

26.3.2013 Markus JÄNTTI, Stockholm University “Equality of opportunity in Sweden”

13.2.2013 Mauricio AVENDANO, London School of Economics “Economic cycles, unemployment and health: A cross-national study”

11.1.2013 Tarani CHANDOLA, University of Manchester “The health effects of later life employment – some preliminary results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing”