Media for Democracy Monitor II

The project will deliver a country report on Finland for the international, comparative research project Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM). The aim of the MDM project is to develop a social science based monitoring instrument for assessing the contribution of media for democracy in established democracies. It has been developed at the University of Zurich and tested before in five European countries. The 2010 project comprises 12 countries.

The country reports have been discussed in an international project seminar in October 2010, and their results will be published as a book in 2011. The Finnish sub-project is funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The project is led by Professor Hannu Nieminen and its researchers are Kari Karppinen and Anna-Laura Markkanen.

Contact person at CRC:
Hannu Nieminen
hannu.nieminen at
+358-9-191 24838

In collaboration with Helsingin Sanomat Foundation.