Media Strategies: Decision-makers, lobbyists and journalism

The project analyses the media and lobbying strategies of the most significant decision makers and their affiliates in Finland. Media management has become an important part of the activities of political parties, private companies, interest groups and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, new actors and practices are emerging in the fields of public relations and lobbying.

The research project uses (i) media analysis to see how Finnish decision makers use journalism in managing their reputations and constructing their images and (ii) interviews to determine the most prominent and skilful professionals of media management and public relations in Finland and what kind of strategies they use to influence media and journalism.

The project is carried out in the Department of Social Research at the University of Helsinki. It is closely connected to the European research networks and is involved in a Nordic project that carries out comparative research in the PR field of Nordic countries. The duration of the project is from August 2012 through the end of 2014.

Researchers: Adjunct Professor, Dr Anu Kantola (research director),

Research Fellow, Dr Lotta Lounasmeri,

Funding: Helsingin Sanomat FoundationFinnish Cultural Foundation