Register to the conference by December 7 (for coffee and reception):

Date: December 10

8:30-9:00  Registration, Coffee/Tea

9:15    Opening: Welcome

9:30-11:45     Session 1: Collaboration in Art and Science

John N. Parker (Barrett, The Honors College, Arizona State University, National Science Foundation): Creativity and Collaboration in Scientific Research Groups.

Michael P. Farrell (University at Buffalo, SUNY): Cascading Creativity in a Collaborative Circle: The Case of The Abstract Expressionists.

11:00-11:15    Coffee/Tea Break

11:15-11:45 Ugo Corte (University of Stavanger): Binding Expectations: A Theory of Reciprocal Influence in Collaborative Circles.

11:45-13:15    Lunch Break (Lunch offered in HCAS premises for guest speakers)

13:15-14:45    Session 2: Creativity in Action and in Art Worlds

Erkki Kilpinen (Helsinki University) Creative People are not Dreamers – They do Things.

Alison Gerber (Lund University): The Work of Art: Value in Creative Careers

14:45-15:00    Coffee/Tea Break

 15:00-16:30    Session 3: Creativity and Networks

Randall Collins (University of Pennsylvania): Shakespeare’s Creativity: Networked Techniques for Transforming Older Plays into New Plays.

Antti Gronow, Anssi Smedlund and Aasa Karimo (Helsinki University): The Compensatory Mechanism between Structural Folds and Divergent Valuation in Explaining Innovativeness.

16:30-18:00   Reception (Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Common Room, 3rdfloor)

19.15   Dinner at Restaurant Sunn (for guest speakers)

Date, December 11

9:30-10:00     Coffee/Tea

10:00-11:30    Session 4: Performing Arts

Eeva Anttila (University of the Arts Helsinki): Aesthetic, prereflective experiences and bodily sensations as premises for creativity.

Susanna Lindberg (University of Helsinki): Cyborg and Medium: How to Practice Performing Arts?

11:30    Coffee/Tea Break

12:00-13:30 Lunch (Lunch offered in HCAS premises for guest speakers)

13:30-15:00   Session 5: Artistic Careers

Gary Alan Fine (Northwestern University): The Culture of Practice and the Practice of Culture in MFA Education.

Henrik Fürst (Uppsala University)Sequences and Stories: A Model for Studying and Theorizing Artistic Careers.

15:15     Coffee/Tea Break

15:15-16:30    Session 6: Educating Creativity

Keith Sawyer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Teaching and Learning for Creativity in Schools of Art and Design.

Kirsi Tirri (University of Helsinki), Talent Development in Academia.

Coffee Break: 16:30-16:45

16:45-17:30   Roundtable: Final discussion and closure of the symposium

In this part of the symposium we will bring six of the speakers (Randall Collins, Gary Alan Fine, Michael Farrell, Kirsi Tirri, Keith Sawyer and Eeva Anttila) in conversation. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions too, and we will have one moderator of the discussion.

The speakers and the moderator will prepare a number of questions beforehand.

17:30- 17:45   Farewell short speech by Tuomas Forsberg, the Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.