Local Information

The workshop is hosted at central campus of the University of Helsinki at the following location: Siltavuorenpenger 3 A, lecture hall 302 (sali 302) at the third floor in a building called Athena. Here is a map that explains the way from Hotel Arthur to the venue:

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 13.06.52


  • Hotel Arthur is located right across the street from the department.
  • Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi is nearly as close.
  • Omena Hotels have two somewhat cheaper hotels in central Helsinki, though a bit further away than the options above.
  • Eurohostel offer even cheaper accomodation, also within walking distance of the venue.
  • More options are available at the Visit Helsinki accomodation page.

Arriving by air

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located some 17 km from Helsinki city centre. The airport is of moderate size and quite efficiently run, but do allow two hours before departure for check-in and security. On arrival, you can expect to be out of the airport in 20 minutes after landing.

You can get to the department by public transportation (search for the route from Lentoasema, Vantaa to Unioninkatu 40, Helsinki, which should take about half an hour and cost €5) or by taxi which takes a similar amount of time and costs about €50. More airport transportation options can be found on the Finnair website. The schedule for the Finnair city bus is available here.

Local transportation

You can use the journey planner of HSL to find your way along the public transportation system of Helsinki. The department’s central location also allows walking to many destinations in the city.

All public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area use the same ticket system. Single tickets can be purchased from the driver or from ticket machines found on some of the stops. All of Helsinki belongs to a single zone, so there is no need to announce where you are going. Single tickets cost 2,50 € when bought from a ticket machine and 3 € when bought from the driver in a tram or bus or from a conductor on a train. The ticket is valid for one hour from purchase and you can transfer freely from one line to another for that time. If you plan on using the public transport extensively, there are also day tickets available for periods of 1–7 days.