Thursday 12. April

venue Porthania P III    (Yliopistonkatu 3, 1. krs)

10-12 keynote adress Denis Guénoun, “Active or passive transcendence?”

Denis Guénoun has been obliged to cancel his conference for health reasons

conference starts at 13.00


13-14 Sergei Prozorov,”What is the Other of Europe”

14-15 Susanna Lindberg, “Uprooted Europe”

15-15.15 coffee

15.15-16.15 Peter Trawny, “Europe and Revolution”

16.15-17.15 Jayne Svenungsson, “Christian Europe: Borders and Boundaries  of a Mythological Conception”


Friday 13. April

venue University main building (Päärakennus) aud. XIII ( Unioninkatu 34, 3. krs.)

10-12 keynote adress Rodolphe Gasché, “Is “Europe” an Idea in the Kantian Sense?”

12-13 lunch

13-14 Matthias Flatscher, “Different Ways to Europe. Critical Remarks on Habermas and Derrida”

14-15 Timo Miettinen, “Crisis and Utopia”

15-15.15 coffee

15.15-16.15 Mika Ojakangas, European Union: A Polity without Sense

16.15 – 17.15 Ari Hirvonen, ‘European Union – “The Nightmare and the Noble Dream”‘

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