The Future of Political Community: Beyond Universalism and Particularism

Friday December 10

Place: Network for European Studies, University of Helsinki (address: Arkadiankatu 7)

13.15 Opening remarks

13.30 Keynote talk:

  • Veronique Pin-Fat: “In Defence of Universality.”

15.00 Break

15.15 Panel 1:

  • Sergei Prozorov: “Politics of the Void: Rethinking the World Community.”
  • Susanna Lindberg: “Lacking a Future World.”
  • Ari Hirvonen: “Europe: A Universal Community?”

16.45 Break

17.00 Panel 2:

  • Mika Ojakangas: “A Political Community of Whosoever.”
  • Paul-Erik Korvela: “What’s so international in International Relations”
  • Markku Koivusalo: “Michel Foucault and the Singular Political Experience of the Universal Man.”

19:30 Dinner

Saturday December 11

Place: University Main Building, University of Helsinki, seminar room XIII (address: Unioninkatu 34)

09.15 Keynote talk:

  • Louiza Odysseos: “Community, Tradition and Critical Belonging in Heidegger’s early Thought: Inspiration from an unlikely Source?”

10.45 Panel 3:

  • Jussi Backman: “The Dangers and Possibilities of a Politics of Singularity: Heidegger and Arendt.”
  • Timo Miettinen: “Universalism as an Infinite Task.”
  • Sofia Anna Näsström: “Justifying Who ‘We, the People’ Are.”

12.15 Lunch

13.15 Round table discussion

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