How Can Sustainability Science Help in Foreseeing and Preventing Crises? Learning From the War in Ukraine: Video Available

HELSUS organized a multidisciplinary panel discussion at Think Corner Stage on 3.6.2022 at 13-15 on how can sustainability science help in foreseeing and preventing crises? Learning from the war in Ukraine. The panelists came from diverse backgrounds and brought their individual views and expertise into the discussion. With the multidisciplinary panel including Marianna Muravyeva, Olena Maslyukivska, Nataliya Teramae and Hanna Tuomisto,  the voices of sustainability science in respect of the crisis in Ukraine were brought out.

The panel discussion addressed connections between globalization, dependencies, sustainability and the war in Ukraine by engaging the voices of sustainability science. The aim of the panel was to create a comprehensive outlook on how sustainability science could forsee future crisis similar to the one in Ukraine by recognising historical trajectories that have led to the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine.

We wanted to share the session with those interested! You can find the video via this link. The video will be available to watch at Tiedekulma webpage for two weeks. For those who want unlimited access to the video please send an email to the Development of Russian Law team: and we will send the video on request.


Photo Credit: HELSUS Twitter