The Digital Intercultural Encounters (DICE) is the Digital Leap project for the Master’s Programmer in Intercultural Encounters (ICE) at the University of Helsinki.

The goals of our project is to produce digital learning spaces for our students in the form of an interactive learning game and a MOOC on themes dealing with immigration.
The DICE project is divided into two parts: The production of a MOOC course on Im/migration and an educational video game. The MOOC course will combine aspects of theoretical knowledge our students gain through their studies with more practical aspects of themes connected to immigration and emigration.

The educational video game provides our students with an interactive digital learning space, where they can interact with their surroundings, which creates a more in depth learning experience.

For more information please check  the posts regarding these topics.

The game and the MOOC -course are intended for students in all thematic Intercultural Encounters (ICE) modules on transcultural processes, globalization and identity.

The course will be available to ICE students online through the MOOC portal in the fourth period 2021.

Everything is open access.

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