Call for Papers: “Video Games and Museums: Educational Digital Tools for the Participatory GLAM Space”


6-7 May 2018, University of Helsinki

Digital tools with educational content – be they video games, apps, interactive websites or others – may intensively contribute to enhance participatory and educational experiences for visitors in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) spaces. New technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality additionally extend the limits of what can be represented, played, and experienced on multiple levels. This conference’s primary aim is to provide a platform for presenting and discussing themes related to the development of and research on educational digital tools, such as interactive platform such as video games (e.g. in the form of mobile apps) in relation to museums. We actively acknowledge the global aspects in such developments and research.

This two days international conference at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, aims at bringing together persons working in the broad fields and/or interested in discussing educational digital tool development (especially but not exclusively video games) and the GLAM space (especially but not exclusively museums). We invite participation from academic researchers and students, actors from the GLAM space, and actors from the business sector – with researchers from subjects including but not limited to Digital Humanities, Game Studies, Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies, Library and Archive Studies, Digital Design Studies, actors from the GLAM space including but not limited to museums, and actors from the business sector including but not limited to game development.

Papers from any field in the broad vicinity of video games, educational digital tools and the GLAM space are welcome. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • educational tool / video game development and the GLAM space
  • educational tool / video game research and the GLAM space
  • educational tools / video games and cultural heritage
  • libraries and / in educational tools / video games
  • museums and / in educational tools / video games
  • the participatory museum
  • educational / serious games

Abstracts for paper (300w) and panel (800w) presentations are now welcome. Paper sessions (individual and in panels) will be 15 min. + Q&A. Please submit by 5 April to Notifications of acceptance will be send out by 10 April 2018. Earlier notification of acceptance is possible if needed, in this case please accordingly send your abstract earlier.

Registration is opening soon. This international conference has no registration fee, but participants will need to fund their travel themselves.

Welcome to Helsinki!

Xenia Zeiler, South Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

Suzie E. Thomas, Cultural Heritage Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

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