This is us – the ROUTE project!

ROUTE = Reshaping Orientation, Unity and TEam-work in ECGS Master’s Programme

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of enthusiastic, yet slightly nervous Steering Group members met for the first time. Varied in their background, but alike in their vision- all eager to make a difference in the Environmental Change & Global Sustainability Master’s programme.

This was the official starting point of the ECGS Master’s Programme Digiloikka -project, or the way we call it, the ROUTE-project!

What is the ROUTE-project?

The name ROUTE describes both this project, our journey that takes a little over a year, as well as our aim: to create a clear path of teaching and studying in ECGS Master’s Programme. With 12 discipline specific modules, 4 campuses and 5 faculties ECGS is a courageous programme with plenty of freedom for its students.

With courage and freedom comes responsibility, but responsibility does not mean leaving students and staff to their own devices. Thus, the questions that we ask and answer during the project are:

  • How do we ensure that the path (or should I say the ROUTE) of ECGS-students is a clear and inviting one?
  • How do we ensure that the staff of ECGS find the ECGS Programme exhilarating, inviting or at least manageable?
  • How do we make the most of the existing and upcoming digital platforms of University of Helsinki when we create and support connections within the programme?

We expect that the route we take may not be scenic at times; combining different working methods, backgrounds and ways of thinking can be a challenge. But this is exactly what needs to be done, both in ECGS and on a larger scale if we wish to tackle sustainability challenges.

So yes, we are up for the challenge!



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