At home in ECGS

During the meetings of the ROUTE project (Reshaping Orientation, Unity and Team-work in ECGS Master’s Programme) we have talked a lot about the ultimate goal of our project. What do we really want to achieve?

As mentioned in our previous blog post FAQs of ECGS ROUTE and summarized in one of the post-its written in a steering group meeting, our aim is “Making students and staff feel at home in ECGS Master’s Programme”.

This is a big task indeed.

With varying backgrounds and presumably with a big mix of hopes and needs, the students and staff form a heterogeneous group of people. However, in the Steering Group of ROUTE we believe that a carefully planned process and enthusiasm go a long way. Hence, we are forming clear paths for students and teachers alike, all the way from ECGS orientation week, to planning and finalizing a master’s thesis in ECGS.

Next week we are sending our new students Welcome letters and next autumn we will have a new set of students, eager to take on sustainability challenges. This makes planning for things like the orientation week and our Personal Study Plan (PSP) processes more tangible than ever. Now we know the names of our new students – but they are yet to know us. This is something we hope to change soon!

So in case you are starting your studies in ECGS master’s programme next autumn, be sure in knowing that we are eager to meet you and trying to think how your studies will be as smooth, interesting and productive as possible. We have an improved set of digital tools to help you in your studies, as well as great staff and students waiting to welcome you on-board.

So see you in August!


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