Introduction of the ATM-MP Digital Leap summer students

On the 19th of March we held the first meeting concerning the upcoming summer work. There were present postdoc Laura Riuttanen, research director Katja Lauri, university lecturer Taina Ruuskanen and the summer workers Joonatan Ala-Könni, Mikael Karvinen, Sofia Santapukki and Robin Wikstedt. Our job will be producing online material for the courses in the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences. We will be focusing on basics of meteorology, climatology and oceanography courses. At the meeting we decided what everyone will be doing during the summer and what kind of schedule we will be having. Distributing tasks between us turned out to be very easy since every one of us have different areas of expertise and skills.


The summer workers are introducing themselves below:

“Hi, I’m Sofia, a fourth-year meteorology student. Since I was little I have been interested in understanding why and how things happen in nature. Studying meteorology seemed like a natural way of fulfilling this curiosity of mine. This summer I will be focusing on the climatology-courses. I’m very excited to be part of this project. ”

“Hi! My name is Mikael and I’m a second-year physics student. I will specialize in meteorology in the near future, but I’m interested in other fields of science as well. As to the Digital Leap, I will be focusing on the Basics of Meteorology -course. I see this project as an opportunity to gain experience, enhance various skills and learn something new. I’m looking forward to getting started, since I’m sure the project will be very interesting.”

“Hey, I’m Robin, a third year physics student and aspiring aerosol physicist. I’ll be focusing mostly on video material and everything that entails, as well as emphasizing the Hydrology portion of courses. I’m looking forward working with everyone and applying whatever knowledge I have to create high quality materials for future students within our discipline.”

“Tervehdys! I’m Joonatan, and I seem to be the senior in this group. Right now, I’m going through the last obligatory course of my master studies, and in the autumn I certainly hope to be a master. But before that, there is summer, and it contains a book to translate from Finnish to English: The Basics of Hydrology. I have never translated a book but nevertheless, I feel very confident about it. The studies so far have forced me to speak, write and read in English on a daily basis, so much so that every now and then I even catch myself thinking in English. I feel that this is a very fitting continuation to my experience of working in my field, which so far has included a bit of everything. When I started studying, I did not think that I would be a researcher/technician/teacher/translator. A jack of all trades! This suits me very well. At least I have not grown tired of anything yet.”


INAR summer students Sofia, Mikael, Robin & Joonatan


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