ALKU-Digiloikka kicked off

The venture of ALKU-Digiloikka consists of several sub-projects which all will contribute to digitally supported teaching and learning methods and digital applications in the degree programme ALKU (alue- ja kulttuurintutkimus in Finnish, area and cultural studies in English). The project kicked officially off in January and is mainly managed by two working teams: one that focuses on creating a learning platform or MOOC on mediatization, and the other works with sound studies and podcasting. With this Digiloikka -project we aim at producing innovative digital materials and platforms for learning and teaching.

The summarised outcomes of this project will be one new learning platform or MOOC and one modular teaching platform, containing novel content and pedagogical approaches, a student blog and a Facebook page for the ALKU programme. These new developments will be pedagogically and technologically innovative compared to the previous situation in ALKU. For example, the material for one course will focus on podcasting – a practice is trending nowadays, and it will walk students through the process from creating the idea for a podcast to actually recording and editing a podcast episode. Therefore, it will advise and encourage students to popularise their studies and the results of their theses, and make their expertise more approachable– whilst gaining professional skills.

The venture acknowledges the educational value of integrating students in the very process of developing new digital content and applications. Thus, student engagement through e.g. a student blog and Facebook page works for meeting these expectations. Personally as a project assistant, I’m highly excited to take part in this multifaceted project. I wish I could still study when these learning materials will become available to students since they are so interesting! Luckily, it is at least equally interesting to work with this project. As an MA student, it is an important opportunity to get to gain experience from project management and to affect the outcome of this project.