Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences (ATM-MP)

New online courses for the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences

In 2017, the English-taught Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences started with six study tracks. Some of the study tracks, especially meteorology and geophysics of the hydrosphere, require pre-knowledge that is currently offered only in Finnish in the Bachelor’s Programme in Physical Sciences.

During the Digital Leap (2018-2020) we will produce study path within which the requirements of the following courses can be obtained online and in English: Basics of oceanography (5 ECTS), Basics of hydrology (5 ECTS), Basics of Meteorology (5 ECTS), Basics of climatology (2 ECTS), Physical climatology (3 ECTS), Atmospheric thermodynamics (5 ECTS), and Atmospheric flow dynamics (10 ECTS). At least Basics of meteorology and Basics of climatology will be produced as online modules to the University of Helsinki MOOC platform (

University of Helsinki Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) is strongly developing open online education. We lead the national project Climate University (, which is producing new online learning in climate change and sustainability in collaboration with 11 universities in Finland. We also coordinate a Nordic collaboration within which a joint 25 ECTS online module is produced.

We believe providing high-quality open online education brings us new opportunities in future. The special feature of our MOOCs is that the material is freely available to anyone anywhere in the world, and teachers can use it for example to support a locally given course in any university. For example, as a foretaste, take a look on ( and Leadership for sustainable change (!



Laura Riuttanen (head of ATM-MP digital leap)

Katja Lauri (head of ATM-MP)