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Mixed Reality Learning Tools

The project provides platform and tools to independently produce Mixed Reality (MR) content e.g. for digital online courses and teaching. Uni students and staff have access to these MR studios where Digi-tutors assist in importing, editing and using MR material.

Project objectives

  • Improving the learning and teaching efficiency
    • Constant user analysis and metrics e.g. custom / collective learning, time…
  • Content and quality, communication tools, employment…
  • Forest Sciences department as MR pioneer
    • Adopting mobile MR-Studio –concept (Biocenter, Science Corner, Library etc.)
    • Introducing and validating the concept among other programmes
    • 4 MR-Studio Digi-tutors across departments introducing and validating the use (master’s thesis on digital learning and tools in different contexts)

Further information
Jani Holopainen, Osmo Mattila, Mika Rekola – University of Helsinki
050 376 6392