Warm reflections from the course GEOG-326 on accessibility and human mobility research

Time flies – the course “GEOG-326 Quantitative methods for sustainable land use planning I: Accessibility & mobility analyses“, given by the researchers of the Digital Geography Lab, ended already before Christmas 2020. Yet it’s worthwhile to reflect on it!

It is heart-warming to go through the positive feedback from students regarding the course structure and balance between theory and practice, and constructive suggestions for improving the course.

The course aimed at linking the accessibility and mobility of people to sustainability, well-being and social (in)equality perspectives, exploring the potential of big data analysis approach, and studying the ways of implementing these in planning. We also focused on the impact of global crises on human mobility on the example of COVID-19.

Overall, all 35 students did a great job and received high grades, but most importantly, it was rewarding to see students getting motivated and inspired, and developing their skills and ideas during the course.

The final output of the course was an independent group work that was presented in the form of an academic poster. Me, Elias and Tuuli found the final poster presentation session excellent! Thus, we are delighted to share the posters here 🙂

Check out and get inspired!


GROUP 1: The change in mobility flows during the first COVID-19 restrictions: A case study for Helsinki (and the sub-region)

 Alisa Redding, Sanja-Riia Collin, Venla Salomaa


GROUP 2: Bike-sharing System Support for Public Transportation – studying the temporal aspects of shared bicycle trips in 2019

Emil Ehnström, Olivia Halme, Iivari Laaksonen & Tao Jiaxin


GROUP 3: Accessibility and spatial coverage of the bike-sharing systems in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Håvard Aagesen, Hanna Hirvonen, Miika Kastarinen, Jussi Torkko


GROUP 4: Bike sharing in Finland: A comparison of HSL and Föli city bikes ridership from 2018 2020

Emily Dovydaitis, Kia Kautonen, Matti Moisala, Juho Noro


GROUP 5: Impact of COVID-19 on dockless mobility in Austin, Texas

Benedikt Kohl, Tatu Leppämäki, Anna Levlin & Mathew Page


GROUP 7: Comparison of bike-sharing data in Helsinki and Espoo from 2019 and 2020 in relation to Covid-19

Matti Hästbacka, Jouko Lappalainen, Klara Lappalainen, Sarah Seidel


GROUP 8: Effects of COVID-19 on city bike usage

Emma Piela, Eero Perola, Antti Miettinen & Isaline Coquard


GROUP 9: Automating travel time matrix data preprocessing

Hanna Haurinen, Saku Saarimaa, Ekku Keurulainen, Jeanne Leroux


GROUP 10: Green Accessibility Index’ in dominant travel areas zonified by transportation mode in the Finnish Capital Region

Bryan Vallejo, Lauri Ovaska, Elli-Nora Kaarto & Miro Mujunen