About us

Our work began as a part of the Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon 2018, a one-and-a-half week event that brought together students and researchers from various backgrounds to tackle new multidisciplinary research questions. Our group, led by Tuomas Heikkilä and Teemu Roos, delved into the Death-Psalm of Bishop Henry. The Hackathon proved to be a great kick-start to this project, yielding multiple promising results.

Group members:

Quan Duong (computer science, data mining)
Anita Geritz (medieval history, humanities)
Jouni Harjumäki (data science, philology, textual criticism)
Tuomas Heikkilä (history & theology, textual criticism)
Kati Kallio (folklore, Kalevalaic poetry)
Teemu Roos (computer science, machine learning)
Oona Simolin (heritage studies, humanities)

Hackathon final presentation 1.6.2018. Photo by Jukka Suomela.