DIVIDE comprises of junior and senior researchers from University of Helsinki. The research capacity is expanded through collaboration with research affiliates (especially from University of Turku), research trainees, and invited visiting scholars.

Leader of the research group

Ulpukka_26102015ULPUKKA ISOPAHKALA-BOURET, PhD is a successful higher education experience and agency scholar, initiator, innovator and energetic networker with critical cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural experiences. Dr. Isopahkala-Bouret is a University Lecturer at Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Team Leader at the Nordic Centre of Excellence ‘Justice through education in the Nordic countries’ (JustEd) and a founding member of the center ‘AGORA for the study of social justice and equality in education’. Her research has been productive and she is an author of 50 scholarly publications and numerous presentations at national and international conferences.

List of members and their interests

Mira Huusko (PhD) – quality assurance and evaluation systems, Bologna Process

Sonja Kosunen (PhD) – transition to higher education, processes of privatization

Anna Medvedeva – internationalization, institutional positioning, partnerships

Laura Pellikka – non-traditional students, Open University, adult higher education

Mari Simola – governance, graduate employability, student participation

Kristiina Hannukainen – governance, PhD programs, knowledge capitalism, agency

Saija Volmari – internationalisation, transnational and national power structures , global responsibility, justice