Playing and new reality

I have played lots and lots of Free Rice but forgot to get to know what new words mean although I now almost know what are synonyms to those words. I also loaded quizlet app, but havne’t yet played it very much because I think there isn’t yet enough new words in it. But I hope I’ll soon remember give it a new try.

I also watched a new video from (link below).

Barnett tells there about his book which adds to child’s world a new level. He tells about times when he has told stories which child has wanted to be truth and that how child wants that story to be true although the child also knows that it isn’t the truth. Meaning that child hopes s/he will find another door to Narnia or that s/he really can call to whale when s/he wants.

After the video I began to think my childhoods favourite books  and bookseries and those really did had their secret doors in them. After I read Eoin Colfers Artemis Fowls I began to see elves all over the places (in real heat over the grill), understood where and why they hide from humans and have of course felt their presence after that behind me. After Harry Potters it was okay for me that I wasn’t accepted to Hogwarts but still I have hoped I would see someone doing magic or rather remember it because I know that there exists spells to wipe your memory.

I have thought this quite a lot and now I’m hoping I can help another children to find same kind of books or stories that make them feel that there is a bit more in our reality.

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