Browsing and will to understand

I’ve been trying to find a suitable article for course but found the task quite hard because I’ve already read the most of the articles I find about my field from different databases. During my  BA-work I tried databases for many and many times usually not knowing the correct words to find new stuff. Instead I normally found new interesting article from resources of the article or book which I was at the time reading. Same problem lies here again: I can’t imagine the new suitable words to find new interesting articles.

I have become to think that that might be because I’m trying to find article about exactly same thing I’m studying which means relating conversation analysis with performance studies. Maybe if I try some other way to come to same place… In my BA-work I studied news sequence and how that is created firstly to the play and after that to the performance. So if I start from more far away not trying to relate these things yet because that haven’t really happened before very much. That means I’m going to find something about news sequence or some other sequence – some other kind of telling for example? Or I try to find something that includes only theatre studies something about theatres language? I’m already trying to understand more deeply the sequence organization itself in my independent work, reading Schegloff’s Sequence Organization in Interaction.


Same time I’ve been trying to find interesting material I’ve watched Endeavour, Inspector Lewis and Father Ted with Finnish or English or without subtitles. I’ve found that I can concentrate to the vision if I don’t have subtitles in Finnish. If they’re in Finnish I watch almost only them and try to understand the story through them and I watch the exact vision only now and then. Lately I have also sometimes noticed if the translation isn’t correct – but mostly that is done by my companion.

With English subtitles I follow all three the vision, the subtitles and the voice. I also notice if there is something said that isn’t mentioned in the subtitles. With English subtitles I’ve also began (during the English course) to repeat new or interesting words I hear and see. Of course there usually is many jokes or happenings I don’t notice because I don’t understand but I’m developing.

Some series I’ve tried to follow without any kind of subtitles but if all the speakers aren’t familiar for me it becomes now and then hard to follow the story even if vision is helping. Still it has been so far quite easy to follow speaking in also without subtitles. I suppose I concentrate to telling different way while watching those videos.


This kind of things so far, let’s hope I’ll find suitable article!

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