How to get motivated?

I watched a video about motivation from this week.

Dan Pink tells how the managers should or should not reward their subordinates. He argues that usual rewards aren’t as effective as a possibility to do anything one wants to do.

This feels quite right if I think only myself, of course I in the end like more about those jobs I have to do for the course which I can form myself. Then I can observe things I’m most interested. Although with course works deadlines are always complicate part: I have to figure what I want to study before the deadline… contrary to Pink’s aim about free-job-days when a subordinate can do anything s/he wants. Usually this creates new wonderful ideas which wouldn’t have came to anyone’s mind without this special day. Pink says that different companies make out different amounts of time for free-working.

This may be why I liked doing my bachelor and why I’m interested of being on researcher, possibility and certain motivation to conversation analysis! This means also that I haven’t yet found out what else I’m capable to do being a conversation analyzer.


Pronunciation is clearly a part of language I have to pay attention. In the class it was here and there confusingly hard to figure out the contrasts in English, I don’t recognize nor understand nearly any accents, I can only say that some accents I do understand and the others I do not (and after all I’m supposed to be a linguist!).

After watching some more pronunciation videos I have to admit it would be nice to learn to  say words out correctly…

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