Seven deadly sins of speaking: oh no, I new I’m boring/awful person! But I’ve noticed this before and tried to get over those bad habits.

HAIL: H for honesty, being straight and  clear, A for authenticity, being yourself, I for integrity, being your word and L for love, wish them well. First three made me think about Finnish group communication especially in work: Finns tend to be straight in their words and being almost too exactly their word: if I say this out loud it is straightly a promise (Remember the Iron Sky, Finland was only one who kept the promise not to create war stuff or atom bomb or something). This came to my mind because of the other course and the presentation I had today.

And then Treasure talked about speech communication and prosody and I’m again so excited about my field and my studies I don’t know what to write down! After my essay, I’m extremely interested about prosody, and I had in my speech communication course a voice train part and it was so fun and I just feel I’m now exactly where I need to be!

And I’m really excited about tomorrow’s presentations.

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