Global conversations in maritime archaeology

Explore the history of the world through its oceans, rivers, and lakes!


Waterways have been key factors in the development of societies from prehistoric times to nowadays, particularly due to their role as vectors for cultural interactions, material exchange, and transmission of knowledge between people and societies. Placing the focus on human-environment interactions in maritime, fluvial, and lacustrine spaces, this interdisciplinary seminar series aims to explore current advances in maritime history, archaeology, and anthropology world wide. The series is hosted by:

Dr. Veronica Walker Vadillo, PI of the Ports and Harbours of Southeast Asia project, funded by the University of Helsinki and postdoc at the Survivors of Ragnarök project, funded by the Academy of Finland.

Dr. Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz, postdoctoral researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives

Dr. Katerina Velentza, postdoctoral researcher of the Re-imagining the use of traditional watercraft in the Aegean Sea for a sustainable environment and economy project, funded by the KONE Foundation.

Seminar rationale

Following the footsteps of the Down by the Water: interdisciplinary symposium on the role of water transit points in past human societies, celebrated at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in 2019, this seminar series will serve as a platform for experts from relevant fields to discuss current advances in the of study of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, exploring how these watery spaces have shaped human action.

Seminar virtual venue

Seeing internet as a metaphor for watery networks, and computers as vessels that link people who are apart, we invite you all to join us Down By the Water via Zoom to discover new research projects on maritime-related projects that are taking place world wide in complementary fields such as anthropology, archaeology, ethnography, history, and so on.

Dates and time

The seminar series is projected to be on-going, and will run fortnightly during term time (following the University of Helsinki calendar).  The times will have to vary to accommodate speakers’ and hosts’ time zones. The information on dates, time and link will be made available in advance in the website and in our social media.

***Please note that we may require registration for each event to ensure the link to the Zoom seminar is used appropriately, we will provide further updates soon***

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Image: A Sama lepa houseboat from the Philippines with an elaborately carved stern. First published in David P. Barrows – A History of the Philippines (1905)