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14th of June, 14:00-15:30 in Helsinki, 12:00-13:30 in London

Meet the editors

With Linda Hulin (University of Oxford), Jacqueline Senior (BAR Publishing), and Veronica Walker Vadillo (University of Helsinki)

Down by the Water is excited to announce “Meet the Editors”, our last event of the season before the summer holidays. The focus of this round table discussion is to introduce the new book series “Cultural Studies in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology” published by BAR Publishing (Oxford) and provide attendees with the opportunity to meet informally with the editors of the series, Linda Hulin and Veronica Walker Vadillo, to learn about the series and to discuss the development of their work for potential publication in the series. We are also accompanied by Jacqueline Senior, former Editor in Chief at Oxford University Press and current Editor in Chief of BAR Publishing, who will be able to provide attendees with advice for successful submissions.

During the meeting we aim to cover relevant topics like publishing strategies for early career scholars, the value of publishing monographs, open access publications, as well as the impact that Covid-19 is having on people’s ability to meet deadlines and stay on track of their publishing commitments. We also would like to invite the audience to bring their own questions, experiences, and hot topics, and engage in fruitful conversation with the editors.

NOTE: feel free to send us your questions in English, Spanish, or French ahead of the discussion through Facebook and Twitter


Editors’ bios

Dr Linda Hulin is research officer at the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology  and a Supernumerary Fellow of Harris Manchester College and lecturer of Magdalen College. She is involved in a number of research projects and teaches archaeology at an undergraduate and graduate level. She is editor of the Palestine Exploration Quarterly, the journal of the Palestine Exploration Fund, which is devoted itself to the history, archaeology and geography of the Levant since 1865. She is also the main editor of the new BAR series Cultural Studies in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology. Linda has conducted fieldwork in Cyprus, Egypt, Libya and the Levant. Her main focus is upon cultural contact and exchange and the relationship between aesthetic sensibilities and social identification in the ancient world and modern world: the social impact of empire on both rulers and ruled, inter-regional maritime communities,  and inter-disciplinary approaches to the home.

Jacqueline Senior is Editor-in-Chief of BAR publishing and former Editor-in-Chief of Oxford University Press. She obtained a degree in English Literature at King’s College London and went on to work in the publishing sector. For the past four years she has been working for BAR Publishing, where she explores innovative publishing tools for academics.

Her most recent projects involve the launching of new digital publication formats that will impact the way academics publish their work. She is most interested in discussing these opportunities with the audience and explore what these might be specifically for maritime-related fields in archaeology.

Veronica Walker Vadillo is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki and co-editor of the BAR series Cultural Studies in Maritime and Underwater Archaeology. Her research interests are maritime and Southeast Asian Archaeology, and you can see her every other week at our Down By the Water: Global Conversations in Maritime Archaeology webinar series.




  • Host: Veronica Walker Vadillo and Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz