Instruments development

[8] PCVI
[7] Cold stage
[6] PINCII (Portable Ice Nucelaion Chamber)
joint project with Gothenborg, ETHZ, Aarhus, and TROPOS

[6] Flying APitof for CESSNA 172

[5] Flying APitof for Airbus ATR42

[4] Sample box for PSM
[3] CLOUD chamber


[2] HTDMA at PSI

HTDMA developed to study hygroscopic properties of secondary aerosol generated in the PSI smog chamber.

[1] Laboratory HTDMA

HTDMA prototype developed at CSIRO during an internship:
This is the first instrument I have been developing from scratch. It is a functional device that I used then in Cap Grimm for field measurement. This device is meant to study the hygroscopic properties of the sampled aerosol.