-“Atmosphere of planets: from our solar system and beyond” (2019, 2022), UHEL, Finland
with guest lecturers: Dr. Anni Määttänen (2019,2022, LATMOS/IPSL, France), Dr. Victoria Sinclaire (2019, INAR, Finland) and Tuukka Perhoniemi (2022, URSA, Finland)

Guest lecturer
– “Aerosol measurement techniques” with Prof. Petäjä ( 2018, 2013) UHEL, Finland
– “Physical chemistry of aerosols” with Dr. Prisle (2014) UHEL, Finland
– Summer school: “Formation and growth of atmospheric aerosols” with Prof. Kulmala (2010) UHEL, Finland
– Winter school: “Physics and chemistry of air pollution and their effects” with Prof. Kulmala (2009) UHEL, Finland

Assistant lecturer
-“Cloud physics” with Prof. Moiseev (2015), UHEL, Finland
-winter school: “Atmosphere-Biosphere-Cryosphere Interactions” with Prof. Kulmala (2012), UHEL, Finland
-“Renewable Energy” with Prof. Wokaun (2008), ETHZ, Switzerland
-“Electro-chemistry” with Prof. Novak (2007), ETHZ, Switzerland
-“Aerosol 2: Applications in Environment and Technology”  with Prof. Baltensperger (2007), ETHZ, Switzerland
-“Aerosol 1: Physical and Chemical Principles”” with Prof. Baltensperger (2006), ETHZ, Switzerland

University physics tutor
-first and second-year university student (2002/01-2003/06) Blaise-Pascal University, France

High School Educator, French National Education, France (half-time job)
-High School Lafayette (2003), Clermont-Ferrand, France
-High School Descartes (2002-2003), Cournon-d’Auvergne, France
-High School Pierre Boulanger (2001-2002), Pont du Chateau, France
-High School De L’hôtellerie, Catering And Tourism (2001), Chamalières, France

Private Science teacher
high school student, (summer 2001) Saint-Barthelemy, French Caribbean

Volunteer support teacher
college student  (2000-2001), Association Afev, Clermont Ferrand, France

Supervisor of Ph. D. theses
-Yusheng Wu (2018-)
-Zoe Brasseur (2018-)

Supervisor of Master these
-Zoe Brasseur February-June 2018