Last minute cancellations and other changes to the programme

Thursday 30 June: Change in the keynote

Professor Filoramo’s keynote “Relocating Religion as a historiographical task”:
Reader: Marco Pasi
Discussant: Catharina Raudvere


Changes in the Sessions:

Wed 29 June 13:30-15:30 & 16:00-18:00 (Sali 7)
Sessions Religion and urban visibilities (I) & (II)
Rafael Walthert: Establishing and disestablishing religion in urban space -> moves from session I to the II
Laila Kadiwal: Involvement of well-educated youth in ‘terrorism’ in Pakistan: Situating violence in cultural, political and economy context -> moves from session II to the I

Wed 29 June 16:00-18:00-> 13:30-15:30 (Sali 16)
Ksenia Medvedeva: A Russian Orthodox parish in Toronto: an ethnographic case study
(from the session Christianity in diaspora: ethnographic case studies of religious practice and identity construction (II)
to session Christianity in diaspora: ethnographic case studies of religious practice and identity construction (I))

Thu 30 June 9:00-11:00-> 16:00-18:00 (Sali 4)
Shin Ahn: Remembering the Death of Political Leaders in Modern Korea
(from session Myth and Ritual
to session Thu 16 16:00-18:00: New roles of Korean religions for promoting peace on Korean peninsula)

Thu 30 June 9:00-11:00 & 13:30-15:30
<em>Religion and gardening (I)</em> & <em>Religion and gardening: Environment, gardening and holiness (II)</em>
Chair: Riku Hämäläinen

Thu 29 June 16:00-18:00 (Sali 16)
Yossi Nehusthan (School of Law, Keele University): Religion in Public Sphere: Negotiation, Tolerance and Intolerance’
(added to session Pentecostalism, evangelism and social change)


Cancelled presentations:

Tue 28 June
A. Nugteren: From Green Arbor to Grey Stone: Relocating the Sacred from its Natural Habitat to a Cement Shrine in a South Indian Village
(from session Hindu Pilgrimage and Tourism (I))

Wed 29 June
Ulbolsyn Sandybaeva & Yuliya Shapoval: Representation of Religious Memory in Museum Space of Kazakhstan
(from session Changing the senses: Religious objects in museum space (I))

Berit Thorbjørnsrud: Potted plants only? The re-emergence of Christian minorities in the Arabian Peninsula
(from session Christianity in Diaspora: Ethnographic Case Studies of Religious Practice and Identity Construction (I))

Mariachiara Giorda: Teaching religions in Italy and Sweden, between theory and practice
(from session Discrepancies between teacher training programmes in the Study of Religions and the aims, contents, and didactics of related school subjects (II))

Yuliya Shapoval: World-building Project of Alternative Spirituality: Case-study of the Anastasia Movement in Kazakhstan
(from session The Anastasia Movement relocating: Nature-based spiritual (trans)formations and manifestations locally and beyond)

Cristiana Facchini: The ghetto: space and urban religion (from session Religion and urban visibilities (II))

Thu 30 June
Alice Tilche: The Art of Religion: Indigenous Reform Movements and Temple-Building in Western India
(from session Performances and Mediatizations of Indigenous Religion(s) 3: Dancing Indian Indigeneities)

Hans Geir Aasmundsen: The Lausanne Movement, Holistic Mission and Creation Care
(from session Pentecostalism, evangelism and social change)

Fri 1 July
Brigitta Kalmar: Gender Dynamics of Tibetan Buddhism in Exile
(from session Relocating Tibetan Buddhism)