First week of visits to the schools

Text by Johanna Hohenthal

In the beginning of June, we started our visits to upper secondary classes of schools of Pastaza province together with the new members of the Ecuadorian research team. Besides the leading researchers Ruth Arias, Rosaura Gutiérrez and Mayra Espinosa, three engineers who have graduated from the UEA have joined the working team. They all come from the nationality of Kichwa and therefore also help in translation in Kichwa language and bring their cultural knowledge to the project.

Researcher team (upper row from the left: Efren Merino, Darling Kaniras, Johanna Hohenthal, Cristofer Alvarado; lower row from the left: Fernando Aldaz, Mayra Espinosa, two students), together with Alba Castillo (lower right), the rector of school Amauta Ñampi in Puyo. Photo: Rosaura Gutiérrez.

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Experiencing the activities of the collective Retomando Raíces

Text by Paola Minoia

We met the members of the collective of Retomando Raíces, a very active group of students from the different nationalities of indigenous, afro-ecuatorians and mestizos sharing experiences of inclusion and interculturalism. The group is growing, now counting around 50 members. What we heard at the meeting of 10 May, like every Thursday in their wooden choza [hut] located in the premises of the university, is that their wish is to become an officially recognized scientific association of the university. So far, during their three years of activity, they are considered a cultural-socializing group, and the official scientific recognition would gather more institutional support.

Retomando Raíces meeting in the traditional choza; photo: Johanna Hohenthal

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