Ali Ali

I am a Ph.D student at University of Helsinki. I focus on issues of belonging, exclusion and marginality. In particular, I am interested in the reconfiguration of the self (or identity) when the these three aspects are problematized due to the individual’s multiple associations and the contingency of that individual’s precarity. The negotiation of security and home in a state of precarity is a pivotal aspect in my research: I look into the possibility and the dynamics of creating a social constellation where precarity and privilege are not differentially (pre)allocated according to belonging, and the relational (self other) stakes in that. This makes knowledge creation, understood in the light of who is entitled to ”produce” knowledge and whose knowledge counts as valuable, a major issue in my research – because 1) I create knowledge, 2) I choose where to find knowledge or truth 3) I create a platform through which knowledge passes through. These three aspects are even more crucial for a research on marginality, as knowledge is tightly connected to claims of truth, and therefore the power relations and politics involved in who lays claim to ”truth” and whose perspective of reality counts.