Significant growth in student applications to the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science received 1149 student applications in its 2019 call to international master’s programmes. The number of applications increased significantly, by 45% over the 794 applications received in 2018, which in turn showed 76% increase from 2017.

The trend is similar, if somewhat weaker, throughout the University of Helsinki. Altogether 3,899 applications were submitted in 2019, an increase of 33% from the previous year. Since the introduction of tuition fees for applicants from outside the EU and EEA countries in 2017, the number of applicants has more than doubled. In the Faculty of Science, tuition fees typically are 15.000 eur/academic year.

The most popular programmes of the faculty were

The Data Science programme was the 2nd most popular programme in the whole University of Helsinki, the Computer Science programme the 5th, and Urban Studies and Planning programme the 15th.

In addition, an exceptionally strong application pressure went to the Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics, with 75 applicants competing for 10 positions.

In each programme, the majority of the applicants were from outside Finland.

For a full list of the international degree programmes of the faculty, including the new Bachelor’s Programme in Science, see here.

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