Teaching and studying in a multilingual environment – Case of the new Bachelor’s programme in the Faculty of Science

English is emerging as the lingua franca of both university teaching and communication. The University of Helsinki acknowledges its obligation to protect national languages, but simultaneously actively promotes the use of English as an asset in the increasingly international and multicultural operational environment. The new Bachelor in Science programme, starting in Autumn 2019, is a good example of the practical ways in which the demand for teaching and learning in English is addressed. Continue reading

Online lecture series on Chemicals and legislation produced as a joint effort with the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland (Kemianteollisuus ry)

[EN] The lecture series Chemicals and legislation concentrates on legislation and good work practices in the handling of chemicals. Now these lectures are available to all users through the website of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki. Continue reading

Funding for development of teaching and learning / Avustusta opetuksen ja oppimisen kehittämiseen

[EN] Better teaching and learning – funding to apply for!
[FI] Opetuksen ja oppimisen parhaaksi – avustusta haettavana!

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