Kumpula Science International’s Opening

Message from KSI, Kumpula Science International:

“We aim to bring English-speaking students and staff together to support, share, and generate our enthusiasm for studies, science and enjoy some fun activities! And now we are proud to have a warm and cozy space where we can precisely do just that.

For those who have just joined our beloved university! And for those who have been here already! A big warm welcome from Kumpula Science International (KSI)!

We are welcoming you to our new KSI room opening in the new study year! Let’s enjoy the beginning of the year with some hot tea/coffee and some fun activities to pump ourselves for the challenging and rewarding study year. This event is free for all attendees.

Where? -> Exactum C131
When? -> 05.09.2019
Begins at -> 17:00

Keep your eyes on our Facebook event page for updates https://www.facebook.com/events/230672827837234/.

Hope to see many of you with us!

Best wishes,



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