Women constitute 29% of staff in the Faculty of Science

Our recent post about the gender distribution of students in the Faculty of Science (45% of women among new students) raised questions about the gender distribution of the staff. Per popular request: overall, the distribution is 29%/71% between women/men.

Fraction of women in major staff groups:

  • Research and Teaching Assistants: 35% (78/144 female/male)
  • Laboratory staff and Research Coordinators: 33% (31/62)
  • PhD students: 31% (100/223)
  • Postdocs: 26% (50/140)
  • University Lecturers and Teachers: 32% (28/60)
  • University Researchers: 22% (22/79)
  • Assistant and Associate Professors: 32% (13/28)
  • Professors and Research Directors: 16% (15/77)

More detailed numbers and information have been published here by the faculty (situation of March 2019), including numbers per department.

[FI] Tarkempia lukuja tiedekunnan henkilökunnan sukupuolijakaumasta on julkaistu täällä (maaliskuun 2019 tilanne) mukaan lukien osastokohtaiset tilastot.


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