Matlu International Committee established by the Science Student’s Association Matlu

The Science Student’s Association Matlu established an International Committee in December of 2019.

“The Committee is charged with the responsibility to promote the interests of international students in Kumpula. Our goal is to organise fun events for international and internationally-minded students. For example, we are currently planning an International Sitsit and International Hangouts.”

The first meeting of the committee will take place on 26.01.2020 at 18:00.The address of the meeting is Leppäsuonkatu 11, and the meeting will officially begin at 18:15. Press the button labeled Christina Regina to get in.

“The goal of this meeting is to get organised and brainstorm ideas for Committee activities. Participating in Committee meetings and event planning is a wonderful opportunity for international students to experience and contribute to the rich culture of student societies at the University of Helsinki. If you have any great ideas for international events and activities in Kumpula, this is your chance to make them happen!”

For more information, contact Uuna Saarela (, Chair of the International Committee, internationality representative, Matlu ry

The international – and internationally-minded – students and staff now have more options to find activities and peers. In addition to the newly established international student committee of Matlu, Kumpula Science International (KSI) is an international community of students and staff on Kumpula campus. Check out their web pages to learn about their activities.


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