Tools and platforms

Supported tools and platforms

  • Adobe Connect
    Adobe Connect (AC) is a web conferencing system, through which you can communicate in real-time or share as a recording, while streaming video, audio, and lecture slides.
  • Blogs
    With the Blogs-tool, you can publish a website for e.g. courses, seminars, portfolios, personal websites, and events.
  • Confluence wiki
    The Confluence wiki tool is a collaborative software application suitable for e.g. creating pages for courses, project management tasks, and collaborative writing.
  • E-lomake
    E-lomake is an online survey tool that allows you to design online questionnaires to collect event registrations, feedback, or collect data for research purposes.
  • Examinarium – electronic exam room
    Spaces for flexibly timed exams.
  • Flinga
    Flinga is an easy-to-use and visually engaging online wall for collecting ideas from small group discussions, asking questions, and activating students during contact teaching.
  • Moodle
    Moodle is a versatile learning management system (LMS) that enables you to set up your course and provide course materials online. Moodle includes a multitude of tools to support both online and face-to-face learning and teaching, including a variety of interactive and collaborative tools and functions.
  • MOOC
    The MOOC platform is a versatile Moodle-based learning management system that enables you to teach massive open online courses, which can include interactive and collaborative elements online.
  • My Studies, My Teaching & Course Pages
    Various tools and services for centrally managing your learning and teaching activities. Through the My Teaching page, you can view an up-to-date summary of your current teaching events, and students can see their courses on My Studies page. On course pages, you can search for all courses and teachers can share news, material or other information about the course.
  • Presemo
    With the Presemo online tool, you can activate students during lectures with questions, polls, voting, and discussions.
  • UniTube
    UniTube is a video production and publishing tool that allows you to create, record, and publish educational videos, including lectures and tutorials.
  • Urkund plagiarism detection
    Plagiarism detection software for certifying the authenticity of professional texts, including assignments, essays, and thesis documents.