Joint online courses

Students from all partner institutions have access to online courses organised by any of the partner institutions.

Spring 2021

  1. Altaic Linguistics: Chaghatai
  2. Grammatical Voice
  3. Historical Linguistics
  4. Language and Writing*
  5. Natural Language Processing for Low-Resourced and Endangered Languages
  6. Pragmatics
  7. The Nivkh Language

Autumn 2021

  1. Anthropological Linguistics
  2. Chinese Linguistics*
  3. Introduction to Korean History and Culture
  4. Language and Gender
  5. Language Typology
  6. Ottoman Turkish

Spring 2022

  1. Historical linguistics
  2. Pragmatics
  3. Sociolinguistics
  4. Uralic linguistics

* NSEANET courses specially designed, organised and jointly taught by the teaching staff from all the partner institutions.