Doctoral hats and swords

All doctors attending the Conferment Ceremony, be they Doctors of Veterinary Medicine or Doctors of Philosophy, wear the black hat and the snake emblem of the Faculty. 

A reminder: you have to bring your doctoral hat and sword to the rehearsal on 4 June. They will be left in the Main Hall overnight and you’ll find them in the morning arranged in alphabetical order as in the photo below.


The doctoral hat and sword are the insignia of those doctors who have their rank conferred to them in the Ceremony. The doctoral promovendi wear the hat and sword in the Ceremony, and after that at the Conferment Dinner and Ball. They are not worn before the Ceremony, nor during the outing of Saturday. The hat is taken off during the Church service, but worn all through the Dinner and Ball.

The doctoral hats are hand-made for each doctor, so please order your hat in time. Usually the measures are taken at the chosen hatter’s shop and a fitting is required. Here below is a list of hatter’s shops and their prices.

Men wear the sword on the left side, at waist. Women should take into consideration that the sword is rather heavy and that the dress might not be enough to support it. The sword can be attached to a black silk sash worn over the shoulder, or to a belt worn under the dress. The side seam of the dress can be unpicked to create a whole through which the sword can be attached to the belt. Below is some information on buying a sword.

Miekat miehet Miekat naiset

Guests attending the Conferment, who have been previously conferred, can wear their hat during the Ceremony, the Conferment Dinner and the Ball, but the sword is reserved for the new doctoral promovendi. The hat is brought into the Great Hall on the left forearm and is put on when the Conferrer puts her hat on. Foreign doctoral hats and gowns may also be worn. However, companions (sword-whetters and sword-whettresses) do not wear the hat during the Ceremony.

Doctoral swords:

Goldsmith Au-Holmberg Oy
The price of swords is 225 € (either 85 cm or 95 cm long) including engraving, the emblem of the University of Helsinki in 24 carat gold-plate, a loop for the belt and a protective pouch. They offer also a tubular container for transportation at 45 €, as well as a sword belt for ladies at 45 €. Please see for the photos on the webpage. The swords are ordered and paid through the website, and one can ask for a free delivery to the Faculty office on 18 May 2015. > verkkokauppa

Hatter’s shops:

Ateljee Lyoléne
The price of the hats is 560 €, including measuring, the lyre emblem, and the hatbox.
Situated in Helsinki, but the hat can be ordered from distance.

E.R. Wahlman Oy
The price of the hats is 745 € with a factory-made hatbox, and 798 € with a hand-made hatbox. Prices include measurement done with a “formator” device, the lyre emblem and the hatbox.
The price for the swords is 395 € + 15 € initials.

Hattuateljee Memmu Lankila
The price of the hats is 585 €, including measuring, the lyre emblem, and the hatbox.

Hattuliike Kristiina, Kristiina Kivelä
The price of the hats is 550 €, including measuring, the lyre emblem, and the hatbox.
Orders should be place by the end of January 2015.
Situated in Turku.

Melanders Hattfabrik
The price of the hats is 629 €, including measures taken at home with a ”formator” device, the lyre emblem, the hatbox and delivery.

Tohtorinhatut Harvest EB
The price of the hats is 555 €, including measuring, the lyre emblem, the hatbox and delivery.
Orders should be placed before 31 March 2015, urgent orders by 15 April 2015.
Measurements taken in the centre of Helsinki and in other cities, more information on the website.
Also the possibility of renting hats, as well as buying swords.