Doctors (ladies) and companions (ladies), Conferment Ceremony

The Conferment Ceremony gown of lady doctors and companions is black, full-length and not décolleté. The hem should cover the ankle bone or malleolus. The sleeves should be full-length, the O-neckline as high as possible, V-necks or boat necks are not suitable. Shoes and socks are black.

Akti pitkä musta puku2

The gown should be simple and stylish. Suitable materials are e.g. muslin, Dupion silk or satin. Black embroidery is permitted. See-through materials or embroidery with metallic or coloured threads should be avoided. Trimmings, such as sequins or fur, are not allowed.

Please bear in mind that the promovendi have to go up and down a large number of steps, thus any kind of trains are inconvenient. The gown should not be too full, nor the slits too long. So-called Dior pleats are recommended.

Akti pitkä musta puku

Gloves should be black, unadorned and of such length that no bare skin is visible between the glove and the sleeve. Lace gloves should not be used.

Shoes should be black that are closed from toe and heel. Sandals are not permitted. A discreet necklace and earrings can be worn. Only engagement and wedding rings can be worn.


No handbags or clutch bags are permitted. A secret pocket sown to the inside of the gown can therefore be convenient.