Formal dress (white tie)

Formal dress consists of an evening tailcoat, black trousers, a white plain stiff-fronted cotton shirt with a wing collar, a waistcoat, a white bow tie and white gloves. During the Conferment Ceremony and the Church service the waistcoat is black, otherwise white.

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The shirt used with the tailcoat has a stiff wing collar and single cuffs. Pleated or ruffled fronts are not suitable with a tailcoat. The buttons are golden or pearlescent, black buttons are reserved for funerals.

No wristwatches should be used. Fob chains, if used, should not be too visible.

Shoes should be black, polished leather or patent leather. Socks should be black as well.

The overcoat should be a dark dress coat or a cloak. The scarf, if needed, is white.