Guests (ladies), Conferment Dinner and Ball

Female guests have to wear a gown of any other colour except black or white. It would be best if the dress did not have any adornments in black or white, either.

During the Conferment Dinner a gown with short sleeves is permitted. A too conspicuous décolleté or a bare back should be avoided.

Vieras illallinen 1

Vieras illallinen 3

During the ball, the same dress can still be used. A more décolleté ball gown with a full hem is permissible, as long as the colour is not black nor white. The length of gloves depends on the length of the sleeves. An evening bag or clutch is permitted, but should not be used during dancing.

Tanssi vieras1         Tanssi vieras2

During the ball, the guests are permitted to wear jewellery, but it should be remembered that the other ladies’ dresses will be more subdued.